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Project Liberty Action Fund is a movement to build a better web that serves our communities. We advocate for policies and solutions that protect our children on social media, hold big technology companies accountable for dividing our society, and give people control over their own data.  


Project Liberty Action Fund was envisioned by Frank McCourt, the founder and executive chairman of the non-profit Project Liberty, an affiliated organization that aims to ensure that technology empowers people over platforms and optimizes for democracy and the public good.


The internet and social media once held so much promise. Over time, however, we have seen that a system with no real accountability has devastating consequences. Social media is fueling a mental health crisis among children. Technology companies violate our privacy. Our democracy is at risk of collapse. 


We are on the verge of going over the cliff. We are at a crucial moment to change the trajectory of our technology infrastructure and our country. We must forge a new path.

Join our fight to take back the web from big tech companies and hold elected officials accountable on policy that pushes for real solutions!

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